things to know before visiting muir woods

you need a reservation to park your car at muir woods

Advance reservations are necessary to park your car at Muir Woods National Monument. Reserve here - cost is $8 per car.

Reservations are required for all motorized vehicle access to Muir Woods. You must arrive within your reserved arrival window, but you may stay as long as you like, until park closing hours. If you arrive outside of your selected time window, you will be parked based on availability. There is no cell phone service or public WiFi at Muir Woods. Make sure to download this reservation to your phone in advance or bring a printed copy with you. Reservations are non-transferable (may not be resold for or otherwise transferred). There will be in-park spot checking to ensure the holder of the reservation is the person that made the reservation, or that persons secondary designation.

you need a reservation to take the public muir woods shuttle


The Muir Woods shuttle is a great way to get from Sausalito to Muir Woods and only costs $3 per person, round trip. Reservations must be made in advance and will sell out during busy months, so be sure to reserve early. The shuttle runs most weekends and during the week on summer months.

Please note the Muir Woods shuttle from the forest to Sausalito is not scheduled and is first come, first serve. Be prepared to begin queuing up early to ensure you get a ride back down the mountain if there is a specific time you need to return to Sausalito.

uber, lyft and taxis will go to muir woods, but be prepared to pay a premium


If both Muir Woods parking and the shuttle are sold out, Uber, Lyft or a Taxi can get you up to forest as well. Please note there is no cell phone reception at Muir Woods, but there is a pay phone and park rangers are generally happy to call a taxi for you as well.

muir woods can be foggy and chillier than san francisco


The 2,000 year old redwoods of Muir Woods sit within a valley hidden inside Mt. Tamalpais. On the western edge of this mountain is the Pacific Ocean, which can cause fog to roll into the valley of Muir Woods when air temperatures rise. When the fog gets trapped int he valley, it can create a thick layer that will cool temperatures, so we highly recommend bringing a sweater or a jacket during your visit. Current forecast here

muir woods can be a great time for children of all ages


When visiting Muir Woods, children 5-12 are welcome to enjoy the Junior Ranger Program! When paying for admission, be sure to ask about the Muir Woods Junior Ranger Activity Book and the ranger will provide an activity book to help kids appreciate the ancient redwoods.

Once completed, bring the activity book to a Park Ranger so your little visitor can be sworn in as official Muir Woods Junior Park Ranger.