Driving to Muir Woods
Best Ways To Get To Muir Woods From San Francisco
July 14, 2020

Best Muir Woods Trails

Hiker with Backpack on Muir Woods Trip from San Francisco

Muir Woods is the perfect place close to San Francisco to reconnect with nature. The park has different trails that vary in length, skill, and terrain. All the trails allow guests to admire the towering coastal redwoods and beautiful scenery. 

Enjoy your time in Muir Woods by hiking any of these five trails.

  1. Bootjack Trail to Ben Johnson Trail Loop
  2. Fourth Bridge— Hillside Trail
  3. Dipsea Trail
  4. Main Trail Loop— Visitor Center to Cathedral Grove
  5. Ocean View Trail to Lost Trail


Distance: 6 miles | Time Required: 3 ½ hours | Difficulty: moderate to hard

This stunning trail is perfect for anyone who is looking for a more challenging Muir Woods hike and would like to spend a half-day exploring the forest. On this hike, you will follow the Redwood Creek, until you come to a historical gathering site known as, Van Wyck Meadow. To the left, you will find the next part of the trail, where you will cross more than one canyon. This section of the trail was created by the Tamalpais Conservation Club during World War I. You will come to a fork in the path, take the left trail known as the TCC trail, follow the switchbacks, and they will take you back down into Muir Woods.

Looking Up at Redwood Canopy in Muir Woods


Distance: 2 miles | Time Required: 1 ½ hours | Difficulty: easy to moderate

This trail is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a beautiful, short hike and escape the crowds on the main trail. Start your hike on the main trail, and cross over the 4th bridge. Look out for the “Hillside Trail” sign. On this trail, you will walk along a dirt path that leads you up to the edge of a canyon, where you will have a stunning view of the enchanting forest. You will have to walk uphill for about 40 yards, before coming to the path that curves along the canyon edge. The path doubles back leading you into Muir Woods.

Hiker in Muir Woods


Distance: 4 miles | Time Required: 3 hours | Difficulty: moderate

This stunning hike will allow you to experience the beauty of Muir Woods, as well as Mt. Tamalpais, the Pacific Ocean, and San Francisco. Enjoy the lush forest as you hike up the steep, half-mile-long hill that takes you to an exposed ridge, where you will see some of the most beautiful views of the Bay Area. If you would like to enjoy a slow journey back to Muir Woods, take the Ben Johnson trail. If you are looking for a longer hike, take the Dipsea Trail to Stinson Beach.

Gigantic Redwoods Near San Francisco


Distance: 1 mile | Time Required: 1 hour | Difficulty: easy

The main trail in Muir Woods will be the most crowded one, but it’s a great trail for anyone who wants to still enjoy the outdoors even though they’re short on time. This trail starts at the Muir Woods visitor’s center and follows the Redwood Creek. This trail is paved, making it a good trail for anyone in a wheelchair or with a stroller. If you would like to shorten your journey or leave the main trail, you can cross over the 2nd, 3rd or 4th bridges and follow the trail back to the visitor’s center.

Hiker on Fallen Tree in Muir Woods


Distance: 3 miles | Time Required: 2 hours | Difficulty: moderate

This peaceful hike will take you on the Lost Trail. This trail was discovered in the 1930s, due to a landslide. Start your journey by taking the Ocean View Trail, where you will enjoy magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean. After about 1.3 miles, turn left on to the Lost Trail and be submerged in the thick deep forest. The trail will end at the Fern Creek Trail, which you will follow to get back into Muir Woods.