What to Pack for Muir Woods

Taking a trip to Muir Woods National Monument is an experience that you will never forget. This remarkable grove is home to some of the oldest towering coastal redwoods and provides a habitat for hundreds of animals and plants. Muir Woods is one of the last old-growth forests in the world, and is a must-see for any nature lover or hiking enthusiast visiting the Bay Area.

If you are planning to explore the enchanted forest on Mount Tamalpais, you might be wondering what to expect during your time at Muir Woods. “What will the weather be like?”, and “what should I bring?”, might be questions going through your mind.

Whether you are venturing to the park on your own or you choose to book a tour, this page has everything you need to know to prepare you for the climate at Muir Woods, and to help you pack the most useful gear on your next visit up Mt. Tamalpais.

Muir Woods climate


Muir Woods might be in California, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that the weather is ideal beach weather. Muir Woods is in the Bay Area, where the weather tends to be moderately cool - think of it as refreshing coastal weather. The climate in the area is unique, and gets a large amount of precipitation and fog, due to the cool currents and wind patterns from the Pacific Ocean.

While the weather might not be everyone’s ideal climate, the fog actually plays a critical role in the health of the old-growth forest. Coastal redwoods can absorb moisture from both precipitation and fog. Without the moisture from the fog, the health of Muir Woods would be at jeopardy during the dry summer months.

The beautiful redwood forest is cool most of the year with daytime temperatures at Muir Woods ranging from 40° - 70°F. If you are traveling to Muir Woods in the winter or spring you should be prepared for rain. During the summer months the climate will be a little warmer, dry and foggy. Autumn brings the warmest weather, and has the least amount of rain and fog.

Don’t let weather stop you from exploring the forest, be like the locals of the Bay Area and embrace the weather for what it is. With the appropriate clothing, good shoes, and these other useful products you can experience the giant, beautiful trees all year round.

Packing Essentials

Due to the weather the most important thing to keep in mind when you are preparing for your trip to Muir Woods, is to bring layers. Layers will come in handy when visiting Muir Woods. Even on the warmest days in the Bay Area there's a good chance there will be a breeze up Mt. Tamaplais. Make sure you are fully prepared for your trip to Muir Woods by packing your sweaters, jackets and these other hiking products.

Packing these products on your next trip to Muir Woods will mean you are fully equipped to handle the refreshing cool weather, so you can focus on exploring the old-growth forest in comfort.