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We offer a direct Muir Woods shuttle from San Francisco!

And over 75 minutes to explore Muir Woods

Only about 16 miles north of San Francisco grows the famous ancient coastal redwood forest known as Muir Woods National Monument.

The park offers solitude, interpretive displays and programs, and numerous hiking trails. It’s an unforgettable place to visit if you’re in the Bay Area and one of the most popular day trips from San Francisco. In other words, you really can’t visit San Francisco and NOT visit Muir Woods.

As San Francisco locals, we wanted to provide a convenient and affordable way to get up to Muir Woods. Thus, the direct Muir Woods shuttle & Bike the Bridge Tour were born! And as an added bonus, our tour and shuttle are not only 100% locally run, but provide over 75 minutes in Muir Woods!

Use this site to explore the best ways of getting up to Muir Woods, whether you just want to take advantage of our direct shuttle to Muir Woods from San Francisco or go on a proper tour and bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. Once you have your transportation covered, don’t forget to check out our Plan Your Trip section and blog to learn more about Muir Woods.

Bike the Golden Gate Bridge &
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Muir Woods Shuttle | Direct Shuttle from San Francisco to Muir Woods

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