Muir Woods Tours

Muir Woods National Monument is a must-see attraction in the Bay Area. Visiting the old-growth forest at Muir Woods is an experience of a lifetime that can be cherished by all ages. As you enjoy your day hiking the trails of the park, the towering California coastal redwoods will steal your breath away. Explore the enchanting Muir Woods on your next trip to the Bay Area with any one of these San Francisco based tours.

Bike the Golden Gate Bridge & Muir Woods Shuttle

This tour allows you to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito, followed by a minibus ride up to Muir Woods and back to San Francisco.

the ultimate day in the bay including muir woods

This small group minibus tour takes you to the best neighborhoods in San Francisco, stops for lunch in Sausalito, and takes you to the majestic Muir Woods.

1 day in san francisco tour PLus alcatraz

This small group minibus tour explores San Francisco’s dynamic neighborhoods, Muir Woods, and stops at Alcatraz for a self-guided tour in the afternoon.